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Personal Touch Is The Difference

About is a family-owned and operated buyer of premium jewelry led by internationally recognized diamond buyer John Stafford. Composed of three generations of passionate diamond buyers and sellers, our Dayton, Ohio location has been in the jewelry buying and selling business for over 30 years. During that time, we have earned a long-standing reputation for conducting our business with a high level of trust and personal integrity that has helped us build and maintain warm customer relationships. We have many diamond selling customers who refer us to their friends and return to sell multiple items. Some of our diamond selling customers have even become diamond purchasers with Stafford’s Jewelers, our trusted retail partner!

Our business is certified by the Better Business Bureau, and recognized by many other consumer advocacy agencies such as Polygon and the Jewelers Security Alliance. Our passionate diamond specialists stand ready to answer all of your questions about diamond buying, selling, and grading. Top-notch, on-site gemologists and diamond appraisers ensure that you are getting the very best price for your diamond – as well as a truly personalized diamond selling experience.

We are so committed to your service experience that we would be happy to fly high value diamond sellers to our offices to meet personally with our staff for a diamond appraisal and offer. Private bank and house calls can also be arranged. We offer the expertise that comes from decades in the diamond business, and there is never a charge for our opinion or advice.

All certified diamonds are accepted, including GIA, EGL and AGS. Our diamonds and diamond buying practices must meet the high standards of commitment and quality of Stafford’s jewelers, our partner and retailer for many of the diamonds we purchase. We only buy the very best, highest-quality jewelry. Customers know that if they are looking for an heirloom or masterpiece to add to their collection, they will find it at Stafford Jewelers.

We guarantee your satisfaction with your diamond or jewelry selling experience at Cash in Your Diamonds. All transactions are strictly confidential. Contact John Stafford today to begin your personal diamond appraisal… and transform your diamonds into cash.